Postgraduate Study

Traffic Institute

The Traffic Institute was founded on 28 April 2018 as an academic institute operating under the Turkish National Police Academy.

The medium of instruction at the Traffic Institute is Turkish. 

• Department of Transportation Safety and Management 

The casualties caused by traffic accidents are one of the main issues that countries endeavor to resolve. In this regard, the scientific studies on transportation safety and effective management of transportation systems are increasingly coming to the fore. Transportation safety and management mainly deals with such issues as developing policies to prevent traffic accidents, forming a well-functioning transportation infrastructure and training drivers and pedestrians.

» Master’s Degree Program in Transportation Safety and Management 

• Department of Traffic and Transportation Psychology 

Since driving mistakes are the main causes of traffic accidents, it is important to change people’s behaviors positively to ensure traffic safety. For this reason, the studies interrogating the aspects that mislead drivers and pedestrians and possible preventive measures that could be taken against negative behaviors are significant as well as the studies that examine the correlations between accidents and behavioral patterns

• Department of Transportation Systems Planning 

Various factors such as geographical features, cost-efficiency, effectiveness and productivity, sustainability, and convenience of connecting with other modes are taken into account while choosing between transportation systems. Such criteria are considered while deciding on the type of transportation system to be employed and planning activities are conducted in line with this decision. Transportation systems planning can be defined as the activity of scientifically planning how to form a system in which one or more transportation modes could operate.

Transportation Safety Research Center operates under the Traffic Institute.