Police Training

Police Vocational Schools Of Higher Education (PVSHE)

Police Vocational Schools of Higher Education are associate degree schools of the Police Academy where police officers are trained for Turkish National Police through applied vocational courses.
All candidates, who have successfully graduated from a high school or its equivalents, scored above the base points (determined with the Academy President’s offer and Director-General’s approval) in related sections of the relevant year’s university entrance exam organized by the Measuring, Selection and Placement Center, and meet the requirements stated in the Article 8 of the PVSHE Entrance Regulation, are eligible to apply for the PVSHE entrance exam. 

The period of study in Police Vocational Schools of Higher Education is two years. 

In PVSHE, the curriculum is semester-based and requires students to pass the given courses in each semester in order to be able to take next semester’s courses. The period of study is 4 semesters and each semester lasts minimum 14 weeks. The program has 26 hours of courses per week and the courses are quotient and credit-based. For students who cannot complete the program within 2 years, a one –year extension is granted. 

PVSHE students receive free boarding education and are required to wear an official uniform. Boarding fees and healthcare costs of the students are funded by the state. 

The students, who successfully complete the program and succeed in the exit examination at the end of their studies, are appointed as candidate police officers.

There are currently five PVSHE in operation: 

  • Adile Sadullah Mermerci PVSHE
  • Kastamonu PVSHE
  • Kırıkkale PVSHE
  • Rüştü Ünsal PVSHE
  • Samsun 19 Mayıs PVSHE