Police Training

In-Service Training

As the Turkish National Police Academy, we plan and organize training programs according to the needs of the law enforcement personnel as well as the Police Organization itself. 

With in-service training, TNPA aims to;

  • design training plans and programs in compliance with the police organization’s interests, needs and expectations, 
  • reach the highest level of productivity and satisfaction in the training programs organized, 
  • equip the personnel with contemporary knowledge, skills and behaviors in the profession during the training programs, 
  • determine in-service training policies in accordance with the needs of the police organization, 
  • raise cultivated personnel for the police organization by providing a proper training both inside and outside the institution, 
  • train qualified trainers and employ its own resources while organizing training activities.
  • design the annual in-service training plan, 
  • organize general development trainings,
  • conduct training needs analysis, 
  • interact with other institutions for in-service trainings to be organized, 
  • develop material for trainings, 
  • organize orientation trainings, 
  • organize job instruction, personal development and foreign language trainings and publish training statistics.