International Cooperation

International Students

International students can study at TNPA in three ways:

  • Police Chiefs Training Center (PCTC) 

Through bilateral agreements and security cooperation protocols, international students are admitted to the Police Chiefs Training Center (PCTC) for first-level police chief training with annually determined quotas. The training lasts one year but a year of Turkish preparatory classes is required for those who do not have proficiency in Turkish language.

Along with the first-level police chief training, these students may attend the non-thesis master’s degree courses in Security Management offered by the Institute of Security Sciences.

  • Postgraduate Study

International students may apply for master’s and doctorate programs offered by the Institute of Security Sciences, the Institute of Forensic Sciences, and the Traffic Institute. 
There are two different master’s programs offered in English by the Institute of Security Sciences, namely, International Security and Intelligence Research. All other postgraduate programs are offered in Turkish.

  • Erasmus+ Programme

As a member of Erasmus+ Programme carried out by the General Directorate of Education and Culture of the European Commission, TNPA accepts students from partner institutions of Erasmus+ Programme Countries. For further information, please refer to the Erasmus+ section of TNPA’s website.