4 Th International Security Symposium State and Order in the Mediterranean (22 – 24 November 2019 ANTALYA )
  09 Temmuz 2019

The Mediterranean basin, which is one of the important regions shaping international relations due to its geopolitical position, has turned into an even more strategic location because of the recent developments including the refugee crisis and the discovery of hydrocarbon reserves in the Eastern Mediterranean. In this context, it is required to examine in detail the factors directly affecting the pursuit of stability and order in the Mediterranean, such as the refugee crisis, which is taking place in the Mediterranean basin and directly affecting the politics of the regional countries, the competition of global and regional powers in sharing energy resources discovered in the Eastern Mediterranean, military exercises and increase in regional armament during this competition process. 

There are power struggles taking place among the global powers, local actors and non-state groups after the Arab Spring in the Mediterranean basin. The disagreements over the issues of hydrocarbon reserves discovered in the Eastern Mediterranean and through which corridors those reserves will be transferred are causing crises among the global corporations, great and regional powers within the context of energy and economic security. Similarly, the ongoing Syrian Civil War since 2011 continues to exist as a significant problem from which non-state actors are gaining ground due to the instability caused by the struggle between the great powers and regional actors in the Mediterranean basin. Rising instability in consequence of administrative weaknesses, socio-economic and political reasons in many countries in the Mediterranean basin is posing a threat to not only regional but also international security. 

Apart from the dire state of affairs posing threat to the international security as well as regional instability, there are also steps taken by the regional actors and global powers in order to restore order in the Mediterranean basin. Protecting its strategic autonomy in the field of defense by both producing components for USA based F-35 fighter jet project and buying S-400 missile system from the Russian Federation; dealing a major blow against terrorist organizations jeopardizing regional security and stability by carrying out counter-terrorism operations against the terrorist organizations of PKK, PYD and ISIS in previous years in the northern territories of Syria and operation “Claw” against PKK in Northern Iraq in this year; conducting “Blue Homeland” drill, which is one of the biggest military exercises in its history, against the developments that would negatively affect the region’s security and that are taking place in the eastern Mediterranean are among the contributions for the security and stability of the Mediterranean basin and the Middle East by Turkey. 
Because of  the developments in the Mediterranean basin, local, regional and global dynamics should be re-examined in the context of international security. Within this framework, an International Symposium titled “State and Order in the Mediterranian” will be held in Antalya, between November 22-24, 2019 by Turkish National Police Academy International Center for Terrorism and Security Studies. Within the scope of the symposium, it is aimed to gather academics, politicians, journalists and other related professionals to identify and offer solutions for the regional problems. All academics, politicians, journalists and other professionals are invited to the symposium titled “State and Order in the Mediterranian”, in which the regional problems will be identified and solutions will be offered by the experts in their fields. 
The languages of the symposium are Turkish and English. Simultaneous translation service will be provided.
Proposal abstracts for the symposium should not exceed 500 words and should be sent to utgam@pa.edu.tr in MS Word format.
Abstracts should include a title reflecting the content of the research, a text explaining the subject, objective and the scope of the research, and five key words. Also, participants should add their names, surnames, institutions, and their titles to abstract.
Abstracts should be about the following topic titles:

    Selected Topic Titles
•    Energy Security in the Mediterranean 
•    Controlling Hydrocarbon Resources in the Mediterranean 
•    Mediterranean Policies of Great Powers from Past to Present 
•    Mediterranean Policies of Regional Powers from Past to Present
•    Cyprus Centered Issues
•    Military Bases in the Mediterranean
•    International Law Dimension of the Issues in the Mediterranean
•    Refugee Crisis in the Mediterranean 
•    EU Countries’ Refugee Policies towards the Mediterranean 
•    Changing Balance of Power Dynamics in the Mediterranean
•    Activities of International Organizations in the Mediterranean
•    Military Exercises in the Mediterranean
•    Seeking Order and Stability in the Mediterranean 
•    Defense Policies in the Mediterranean
•    Other Topics related to Foreign Policy and International Relations in the Mediterranean 

Abstract Submission        : September 25, 2019 
Paper Submission           : November 11, 2019

Organizing Committee 
Prof. Dr. Mehmet Şahin
Assist. Prof. Dr. M. Levent Yılmaz
Assist. Prof. Dr. Murat TINAS
Assist. Prof. Dr. Buğra SARI
Lecturer Yakup ŞAHİN
Lecturer Emre ÖZTÜRK
Lecturer Kübra Betül BİÇEN GÖREN
Lecturer Fatih TUNA

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