The Ist International Symposium on Mediterranean Karpasia

Cyprus is a strategic island that has been home for many civilizations, nations and people since the early days of human history. Due to its geo-strategic position Cyprus has been the target of political actors that are willing to dominate the region and to be great powers.

The island had been under the rule of several Empires for shorter or longer periods of time including Roman, Byzantium, Umayyad, Abbasid, Mameluk, Genoese and finally in 1571 it felt under Ottoman rule. The island was part of the Empire until 1878, however due to declining power of the Empire and political conditions the Island became a British mandate in return for a rental price. In 1914 British Empire expanded its influence over the island, and it became a British Colony. Until the establishment of a free Cyprus Republic in 1960, the island remained as a British Colony. 

Turkish National Police Academy, University of Mediterranean Karpasia and Journal of History Studies are organizing a conference entitled “Cyprus in History” in order to explore and discuss historical, social and cultural make up of the island. The symposium will cover a long historical period from early ages until the establishment of free Cyprus Republic in 1960, which marked the end of British Colonial system over the island. 

The Symposium will be held at University of Mediterranean Karpasia, Nicosia. University of Mediterranean Karpasia will cover expenses including accommodation, local transportation, food, and cultural tours while participants’ stay at Cyprus. The participants are expected to provide their travel allowances to Cyprus from their own institutes or by their own means.

Topics May Include But are not Limited to

  • Cyprus in the First Ages
  • Cyprus in the Roman Era
  • Cyprus in the Byzantium Era
  • Umayyad’s and Cyprus
  • Abbasids and Cyprus
  • Mameluks and Cyprus
  • Genoese - Venice and Cyprus
  • Cyprus under Ottoman Empire
  • Cyprus under British Rule
  • Mediterranean and Cyprus
  • Social life of Cyprus
  • Economic life of Cyprus
  • Education and Cultural life of Cyprus

Important Dates

Deadline for Abstract Submission: 1st November 2015
Announcement of Accepted Abstracts: 1st December 2015
Symposium: 11 – 13st April 2016

Symposium Committee

Honorary President

Prof. Dr. Yılmaz Çolak (President of the Police Academy)
Ahmet Erbaş (Board of Trustees)


Prof. Dr. Ali ŞEN ( Rector of University of Mediterranean Karpasia)

General Coordinator

Prof. Dr. Osman KÖSE (Police Academy)
Organizing Committee

Asst. Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Arslan
Asst. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ali Tekiner
Asst. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Yayla
Asst. Prof. Dr. Yücel Yiğit
Asst. Büşra Dillioğlu
Asst. Hacer Sağlam

Scientific Committee
Prof. Dr. Ahmet Aksın / Firat University
Prof. Dr. Dursun Ali Akbulut / Ondokuz Mayıs University
Prof. Dr. Kemal Arı  /  Dokuz Eylül University
Prof. Dr. Mehmet Beşirli / Çankırı Karatekin University
Prof. Dr. Ali Birinci / Police Academy
Prof. Dr. İdris Bostan / Istanbul University
Prof. Dr. Mehmet Çanlı / Hitit University
Prof. Dr. Mesut Çapa / Ankara University
Prof. Dr. Yılmaz Çolak / Police Academy
Prof. Dr. Fatma Gül Demirel / Yildiz Technical University
Prof. Dr. İlhan Ekinci / Ordu University 
Prof. Dr. Mehmet Evsile / Amasya University
Prof. Dr. Mustafa Daş / Dokuz Eylul University
Prof. Dr. Orhan Doğan / Sütçü İmam University
Prof. Dr. İlyas Gökhan / Nevşehir University
Prof. Dr. Abdullah Gündoğdu / Ankara University
Prof. Dr. Tufan Gündüz / Hacettepe University
Prof. Dr. Nedim İpek / Ondokuz Mayıs University
Prof. Dr. Aleksandar Kadijevic / University of Belgrade
Prof. Dr. Turan Kaçar / Medeniyet Police Academy
Prof. Dr. Ulvi Keser / Girne American University
Prof. Dr. Orhan Kılıç / Fırat University
Prof. Dr. Bünyamin Kocaoğlu / Ondokuz Mayıs University
Prof. Dr. Yılmaz Kurt / Ankara University
Prof. Dr. Kemalettin Kuzucu / Marmara University
Prof. Dr. Hikmet Öksüz / Karadeniz Technical University
Prof. Dr. Azmi Özcan / Bilecik University
Prof. Dr. Neşe Özden / Ankara University
Prof. Dr. Mustafa Öztürk / Fırat University
Prof. Dr. Fahri Sakal / Ondokuz Mayıs University
Prof. Dr. Ömer Turan / Middle East Technical University
Prof. Dr. Nasuh Uslu / Polis Akcdemy
Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ali Ünal / Pamukkale University
Prof. Dr. Musa Yıldız / Gazi University 
Prof. Dr. İbrahim Yılmazçelik / Fırat University
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Önder Duman / Ondokuz Mayıs University
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dilşen İnce Erdoğan / Adnan Menderes University 
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Celal Erdönmez / Mehmet Akif Ersoy University
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zafer Gölen / Mehmet Akif Ersoy University
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Orçun İmga / Police Academy
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bayram Nazır / Gümüşhane University
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Özkan / Police Academy
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bayram Ali Soner / Police Academy
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Türkmen Töreli / Dokuz Eylül University
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Uğur Ünal / National Archives
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zübeyde G. Yağcı / Balıkesir University
Asst. Prof. Dr. Nurten Çetin / Trakya University


Asst. Müberra Gündüz
Asst. Yasin Turna
Özge Efe
Tel: +90 392 227 33 67 - 68
Address: University of Mediterranean Karpasia
Sht. M.Ruso Setreet ?#79
K.Kaymakli / North Nicosia / Northern Cyprus